Why publish your DJ mix or music demo on YouTube vs Soundcloud or Mixcloud? Simply put because of the audience which is the largest possible for sharing streaming media online.


The online world has really helped people come into their own, and has completely opened the door for independent artists to spread their wings and fly. Websites like Mixcloud and Soundcloud have appeared in recent years and have provided the impetus that many new artists needed to get their name out there and start to create a following.


Whereas in the past creating a following outside of your local town was almost impossible without becoming a success, today you could have only five listeners – and they could all come from different continents!


Indeed, gaining exposure has never been so easy for the traditional artist, but using the right tools is very important as well. Soundcloud and Mixcloud are two of the biggest independent websites for delivering and sharing music among one another – but even today, despite their success, using YouTube as your flagship operations location is the smart thing to do. YouTube gives so many people the chance to open themselves up to millions of people, and while having exposure from multiple places is always useful, YouTube should always be your main place for music promotion for some rather simple reasons;



YouTube gives you more scope – you get more editing options, more upload options and a more trustworthy link. People will watch any YouTube video, but not everybody has heard of Soundcloud or Mixcloud. YouTube gives you the authority you need to get clicks, while you also have far more features to use in that you also have a video to play with.



You’ll get more exposure by being on YouTube than you will from being on just about any other online website at the moment – it’s watched by millions of unique users all the time, and makes it the perfect place to have your music uploaded. So long as you use the available features to market your video properly, you can create huge waves of new listeners and keen followers for years to come.



With the comments section and an ability to upload videos whenever you want, you can easily make your future much more comfortable. Talk with your fans, answer questions, provide interviews & extra media and just in general make yourself feel far more accessible than other musicians out there. Explain your music with videos and talk to people via the comments – this is the chance that a website like YouTube can provide you with.


It’s wide scope of abilities & ideas makes it far more fun than your traditional website for hosting your media – with YouTube, you can make sure that you have a lasting legacy online for years to come, so long as you are ready to work at it and put in the hard work.


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