Tip No.1: Free Mastering for Post Song/Track Production.


In our quick tips series we want to give you some very brief but very useful tips to maximise your track / song post-production.

These are definitely not the be all and end all of the production world, however they should definitely help.


Once you have composed and produced your masterpiece, getting a song or track mastered is incredibly important to ensure that it is well balanced, has maximum punch, and will play well on all types of audio devices (from iPhone headphones to club speakers).


So the question that gets asked is “how to master a song”? As it stands today there are thousands of mastering plugins available for your production software, however these are generally easier to use if you are an actual sound engineer. Instead of this route, simply leave a bit of headroom, save your file down, then head over to landr.com for some free mastering. They will give you unlimited free mastering, with the only catch being the MP3 output quality (192k). For WAV output you’ll have to cough up a bit of cash. However for online-demo purposes the MP3 output should be fine.


We put together a quick demo below to show the easy process, and the difference to the track audio pre and post Landr mastering (to the eye and ear).

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