Tip No.3: Publish your track, song, mix on Soundcloud and YouTube.


In our quick tips series we want to give you some very brief but very useful tips to maximise your track / song post-production.

These are definitely not the be all and end all of the production world, however they should definitely help.


Once you have composed, produced, and mastered your track you need to get it online so that your global audience can have a listen to it.


Today’s industry-standard way to get a track or song online is by using Soundcloud. This is a fairly simple way to get your song uploaded as all you need to do is upload the audio file directly to the website. (Approx 6 million active listeners per day per TechCrunch)


However, YouTube is perhaps the location that music producers don’t immediately think of because of it’s direct link to video rather than audio. The global audience within YouTube is significantly larger than Soundcloud (approx 33 million active watchers per day per youtube.com), so it is definitely worth getting your production work on to this platform as well.


The quick video guide below shows how to transfer your audio demo into a video so that you can upload it to YouTube. The process shown is an offline version of what is offered by mixtovideo.

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