Tip No.2: Create Music Artwork For Your Track, Song or Mix.

In our quick tips series we want to give you some very brief but very useful tips to maximise your track / song post-production. These are definitely not the be all and end all of the production world, however they should definitely help.

Following your musical creation, it is worth making a quick bit of album artwork to both make it stand out, and visually display the track name.   A few basic pointers:

  1. It is worth creating 2 versions: a 16:9 picture to fit into a YouTube shape; and a 1:1 square picture to fit into a Soundcloud shape.
  2. Start with a photo to which you hold the rights. I.e. a photo you took.
  3. Add a few simple effects to make it a bit more exciting. Try not to overdo it though.
  4. Add some writing to show the artist name as well as the track/song/mix name. Make sure the writing is legible.

We put together a quick demo below to show how easy it is to create a simple piece of artwork to use for your track, song, or even your DJ mix. We use the incredibly easy pixlr.com as the tool.

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